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Ariel’s Bar Mitzvah at Marina Del Rey Marriott

Roughly three and a half years ago we rocked the show for Sivan’s Bar Mitzvah.

This time, we assembled the same team and rocked out Sivan’s little brother Ariel’s Bar Mitzvah.

Everyone had a blast!


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Sivan’s Bar Mitzvah at Marina Del Rey Marriott


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Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club in Corona Del Mar


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Jake’s Bar Mitzvah at Gladstone’s


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Katie’s Bat Mitzvah at Marriott Culver City


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Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah Party at Avalon in Hollywood

Jordan, (the coolest 13 year old I know), had his Bar Mitzvah celebration at Bardot inside of Avalon in Hollywood! We turned that club out! We had all the kids and parents dancing along. We did the Wobble and We Moved like Bernie! It was a BLAST!

Bardot at Avalon in Hollywood
DJ Sam House rocking Bardot at Avalon in Hollywood

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David’s Bar Mitzvah at the JCC in Redondo Beach

David’s Bar Mitzvah was INCREDIBLE!  It was my pleasure being a part of it.

Mazel Tov David!

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Meet the DJ – Sam House

Multi Beat Mixing Man

Since 1998, DJ Sam House has been wowing the crowds at parties and weddings throughout southern California with his ability to beat-mix a wide variety of music genres, from Top 40 to Salsa, and 1950’s-era crooners to Hip Hop.  His 13 years of experience as a DJ have given Sam the unique ability to read the crowd, and adapt his style to suit the mood of the event.  This adaptability has made him a popular DJ for many types of occasions, including weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, holiday parties and corporate events.

As a veteran DJ, Sam has seen a lot of DJ’s come and go, and from his experiences he believes there are two types of DJ’s in the profession today: Mobile DJ’s and club DJ’s.  Sam likes to combine the “best of both worlds’ in his acts combining the fun-loving energy of a mobile jock with the sharp mixing skills of a club guy. “I can beat-mix music and command a crowd over the mic.  That’s what sets me apart from other DJ’s in my industry,” he says.

Sam got his start in the DJ profession working Bar Mitzvahs and over the years he has had the opportunity to work with some of the most famous people in Hollywood.  Despite all the glitz and glamour that often accompanies working with celebrities, his favorite events are weddings.  “Nothing compares to a nice down-to-earth couple just looking to have a fun wedding.  They are by far the best to work for.  It’s great when I get to do something good for a couple who deserves it.”

As someone who seeks out the highest quality equipment. He proudly points to an ADJ Galaxian 3D, a spectacular green and red laser effect unit and an ADJ FS-1000, a classic, high-powered follow spot, both of which occupy prominent spots in his lighting tool chest.

When asked if he could recall an event that was his proudest moment as a DJ, a specific experience doesn’t come to mind; rather he says it is something much more profound that gives him pride in his work.  “I am the proudest when I hear appreciation from the guests at an event,” Sam says.  “Nothing makes me feel better than a simple ‘thank you.’”  Sam truly loves being a DJ and says, “If it is true what they say, ‘it’s not work if it’s what you love to do,’ then I haven’t worked in over 13 years!”


For more from Sam, visit his website at, or read his blog at  You can also follow him on Facebook at or on Twitter at!/djsamhouse.


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LA DJ Sam House – Zach’s Bar Mitzvah in Long Beach

WOW! What a cool kid! Or should I now say young adult? Either way, Zach was “the Man” at his Bar Mitzvah.  It was a fun time had by all! We even had a chance to hear The Drum Maestro Zach play with his band! AWESOME!


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