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Top 5 Wedding Must-haves

In an effort to save money on your wedding, there are many areas you can cut back on such as decorations and floral arrangements, however, there are certain details that you absolutely can’t skimp on or avoid when planning your wedding. Before you begin the task of cutting items from your wedding, you must consider the most important elements. If you’re on a tight budget, be sure to be diligent and well-organized in your wedding arrangements, determining what items are must-haves and what things you are willing to go without. Once this is decided, find out where you can find the best deals and quality services, determine the maximum amount of guests you can afford, and establish the costs of the food and beverages you plan on serving. Still at a loss for what items you can do without? Here are a few wedding essentials that you shouldn’t be cheap about.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are an important part of the wedding celebration because they leave the first and most meaningful impression of your impending matrimony. Emails, E-vites, and other forms of online communication will not suffice as methods of inviting guests to your wedding. If you’re crafty and into DIY projects you can create your own homemade invitations using a wedding invitation kit; however, it’s best to spend money on professional wedding invitations.


Gifts for Your Bridal Party

While you don’t have to shell out a lot of money on lavish gifts for your bridal party, you must present them with some token of appreciation. It’s wonderful if you can afford to shower your bridesmaids with wedding day jewelry from 77Diamonds; however, if this out of your budget, go for simple gifts such as bath products and candles or treat them to pre-wedding day pedicures and manicures from Red Door Spa. If you absolutely cannot afford bridesmaids’ gifts, cut down on your bridal party or throw a bridal party dinner.


Wedding Photography

Even if you plan on having a low-key celebration, your wedding photos are still an integral part of documenting the beginning of your marriage. These photos will be seen by all of your friends and family, now and in the future, so it’s best that you hire a professional photographer to capture the special moments of your wedding. Wedding receptions tend to be dark and chaotic, so it’s best to go with a professional who has the skills needed to properly photograph every aspect of your big day.


The Reception

After months, sometimes years, of planning, you definitely shouldn’t scrimp on your reception—after all, what’s a celebration without an awesome party? You don’t have to spend a lot on food and beverages as you can easily get away with an open bar cocktail hour with hors d’ oeuvres then a few small dishes. Buffets and cash bars are also cheaper solutions. Wedding entertainment is another area where you don’t want to pinch pennies. Every party needs good entertainment, so don’t scrimp when it comes to your wedding band or DJ. With the right entertainment, your wedding reception will be an unforgettable event.



Lawrence and Josephine’s Wedding at Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara

Congratulations JoJo and Lawrence!Lawrence and JoJo with DJ Sam House

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Doug and Mariko’s Wedding at Adamson House in Malibu

 Congratulations Doug and Mariko!

We now share the same wedding anniversary date!

Doug and Mariko with DJ Sam House

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Brian and Kelly’s Wedding at Hartley Botanica

 Congratulations Brian and Kelly!

Brian and Kelly with DJ Sam House

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Kate and WIlliam’s Wedding at Greenleaf Masonic Lodge

William and Kate’s Wedding was a BLAST!

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Abel and Alina’s Wedding at Spanish Hills Country Club

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Derek and Kate’s Wedding at La Venta Inn


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Shawn and Alisha’s Wedding at Happy Trails in Pasadena

Saturday, I was lucky enough to be a part of Shawn and Alisha’s Wedding at one of my favorite venues Happy Trails Catering in Pasadena!

From the moment this happy couple ‘pinky promised’ during the ceremony, I knew, that they would take a special place in my heart.

There is nothing in the world more touching to witness than TRUE LOVE!


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Brad and Sally’s Wedding at Occidental College


DJ Sam with Sally and Brad

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