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Biker Chef’s Italian Dinner Night

Christopher Coppola’s PAH Fest (Project Accessible Hollywood) ¬†held a fundraising Dinner at Fabiolus Restaurant in Hollywood, CA. There was a lot of Coppola wine and some great Italian food! Entertainment wise, we had opera singers, old Italian horror movies, karaoke and a LIVE stream of Biker Chef from the kitchen! We also had a contest where Fabio won a Brazilian Emerald valued at $1100! It was a fun-filled night raising money for a GREAT cause! PAHFEST.ORG

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LA DJ Sam House – Los Angeles Orphanage Guild Auction Dinner at Pacific Design Center

The Los Angeles Orphanage Guild had their Annual Auction Dinner at Pacific Design Center and it was a BIG SUCCESS! A whole lot of money was raised to help support the orphanages and we had a good time doing it! I’m already looking forward to next year!

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Los Angeles DJ Sam House – Volunteering with Home Depot at the Westside Jewish Community Center

Today I volunteered my time and dj services to entertain the workers of Home Depot who were helping to restore and beautify the Westside Jewish Community Center. It is AMAZING how much can be accomplished in just one short morning! From painting fences, to landscaping, the people of Home Depot made MAGIC happen today. The WJCC serves the ENTIRE local community and is utilized by nearly 15000 people each month. It was my pleasure being a part of this wonderful project!

Los Angeles DJ Sam House – Maryvale Orphanage Guild’s Annual Christmas Party

This was my SIXTH YEAR back at the Riviera Country Club to celebrate Christmas with the girls of Maryvale. Being a part of their Christmas has become very near and dear to my heart. I look forward to this party every year! Santa Claus was also there to give all the girls their Christmas gifts. It was AWESOME as usual!


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St. Francis Xavier’s Annual Auction Dinner

Just got back from St Francis Xavier’s Annual Auction dinner where the consensus was that “This year’s party was the best EVER!”. With the help of Sam Neely “The Cowboy Auctioneer”, we had an awesome night raising money for the school. The theme of the event was “Saturday Night Fever” and we had lots of people dressed for the occasion. We had our very own Village People, an Elvis, and The Hustle instructed by Bret Anthony. What an amazing night! It was my pleasure being a part of such a FUN party for a such great cause!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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