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Signal Hill Petroleum’s Holiday Party at the Long Beach Petroleum Club was a BIG success! We had lot’s of winners on the SPIN-to-WIN that began with back to back – thousand dollar wins! They also sent 2 lucky employees to the Big Apple, NEW YORK! Lots of FUN! I can’t wait until next year!


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Los Angeles DJ Sam House – Baden-Wuerttemberg International Event @ Figueroa Hotel

I LOVE the Figueroa Hotel! I had an great night providing the groove for Baden-Wuerttemberg International. The conference brought together scholarly people from around the globe. It’s not everyday you get to meet interesting people from all over the world. Pretty Cool!

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DJ Sam House – Bang & Olufsen Event @ Aston Martin Beverly Hills

Back from Bang & Olufsen’s event at Aston Martin Beverly Hills with yet another addition to my wishlist. Yeah, I’ll take the 103 inch Theater screen with me… Might need to knock out a wall to get it in my apartment, but I’m sure it will be worth it! Today, B&O unveiled this monster TV to some of Aston Martin’s most elite clientele. Cool TV, Cool Cars, Cool MUSIC! Was I working? It sure didn’t feel like work!

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“Club Arthocare” @ Hyatt Huntington Beach

Tonight I was back with the Arthocare crew to help them wrap up their 3 day conference with a BANG! We setup Premium lighting to help create their very own nightclub. It was absolutely SPECTACULAR! The night consisted of dancing, a dance-off, and more dancing… Perfect!

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Arthocare Corporate Event @ Hyatt Huntington Beach

Just got back from a wild and crazy corporate event for Arthocare at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach. We were joined by Robert Muraine who made a surprise appearance for the Arthocare crew. I’ve personally seen Robert on the television shows “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Superstars of Dance” He is an amazing dancer with plenty of originality! Check out some of his moves…

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LA DJ Sam House – Corporate Event at Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego

DJ Sam House here, back from a SPECTACULAR corporate event for Hogan and Hartson at Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego, CA. The party spilled over into every part of this classy hotel. We got to enjoy musical performers and dinner on the beach, then we went inside for cocktails and karaoke. I headed up the chill room where I was able to play super cool tiki lounge music for the rest of the night. NICE!

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Corporate Event DJ- Blue Shield @ Paramount Studios

Here are some pictures from an event for Blue Shield that took place at the Paramount Studios.
Blue Shield requested Old School Hip Hop and Scratching. So DJ Sam House had everyone grooving to some classic Beastie Boys and RUN DMC tracks. The crowd got hype as he started scratching it up to the beat of the music. There was a lots of fun had by all. Since this event, Blue Shield has hired DJ Sam House back again for several other corporate events of theirs.
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