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LA DJ Sam House in the LAB!

2015 has been an incredible year for Los Angeles DJ Sam House so far. Between rocking LIVE shows and private events, Sam has been working on developing a signature sound to debut on his upcoming single. Sam is anxious to share his new sound with the world. Stay tuned for updates…

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I have the BEST fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

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DJ Lem showing off his package.

DJ Lem showing off his NEW DJ Sam House shirt.

New Design, New Mug

Tomas rocking his new djsamhouse.com shirt

Nicole got her DJ Sam House shirt, in Japanese!

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Lawrence and Josephine’s Wedding at Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara

Congratulations JoJo and Lawrence!Lawrence and JoJo with DJ Sam House

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FigOly at Luxe City Center in Downtown Los Angeles

I just got back from an awesome evening at Luxe City Center in Downtown Los Angeles! Tonight, my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place. FigOly at Luxe City Center has a great atmosphere and AMAZING food! If you are planning a night on the town or drinks after the game, I highly reccomend Luxe City Center!

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Doug and Mariko’s Wedding at Adamson House in Malibu

 Congratulations Doug and Mariko!

We now share the same wedding anniversary date!

Doug and Mariko with DJ Sam House

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Brian and Kelly’s Wedding at Hartley Botanica

 Congratulations Brian and Kelly!

Brian and Kelly with DJ Sam House

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Response Expo 2013

This was a 2 day corporate event in San Diego. The first day was held at Hilton Bayfront and the second day was at WaveHouse. It was a great event with lots of cool things to see. I’m looking forward to next year!

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Sivan’s Bar Mitzvah at Marina Del Rey Marriott


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Kate and WIlliam’s Wedding at Greenleaf Masonic Lodge

William and Kate’s Wedding was a BLAST!

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The End of Stickam and the Start of Something NEW!

For almost 7 years, I have had a LIVE Mixshow on a site called Stickam.

Recently, I was notified that the site would be closing.

When I learned my favorite platform, Stickam, would be shut down soon, I decided to perform one last show, LIVE in the mix until the very end! My LAST DJ MIXSHOW on Stickam was LIVE for over 25 hours! The  show was viewed 44,715 times. Those views, combined with the views my channel received in the month of January, brought my total views for the month to around 240,000, nearly a quarter million!

In the month before Stickam closed I was at the top of the rankings for most viewed.

Now all of my internet friends from Stickam are refugees!

Many have moved on to new internet homes like BlogTV, Ustream, Icanhazchat, Justin.tv and others…

I attempted going LIVE on YouTube via Google+ Hangouts

and I recorded a small part before being notified that I would be shut down if I continued.

Back to square one.

I have performed LIVE via Ustream in the past and I may start on that site again.

However, I am interested in trying a new platform that was recommended to me.


I am going to try my first LIVE mix from there this evening.


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