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Scott and Alicia’s Wedding at Conejo Valley Community Church


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Wedding DJ Sam House – Kyle and Maral’s Wedding at Pierpont Inn in Ventura

Kyle and Maral’s Weddings were AMAZING! Yes, I said Wedding-s, because they fit TWO into one day! First they had a Traditional Persian ceremony, and that was followed by a contemporary American ceremony. Of course, I helped things along during the reception and kept things running smoothly. By the end of the night we had EVERYBODY on the dancefloor going CRAZY!! Just the way I like it!


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Jason and Lily’s Wedding at Hartley Botanica

Jason and Lily were a super cool couple to celebrate with! They picked a BEAUTIFUL location to have their wedding and even included a traditional Korean “Paeback” Ceremony!

In Korean tradition, the marriage between a man and a woman represents the joining of two families, rather than the joining of two individuals. This ceremony was originally intended as a way for the bride to pay her respects to the groom’s family, with whom she traditionally lived with after the wedding.

The engaged couple will enter together dressed in ceremonial Korean wedding attire called hanbok. Their parents, the honorees, will be seated in front of a table laden with various edibles and tea (or soju – rice wine). The couple will bow deeply to the honorees, then kneel as one pours tea/soju. Once each honoree drinks the tea/soju, they impart wisdom, advice or a wish for the couple’s future.

Finally, the honorees will throw dates (symbolizing girls) and chestnuts (symbolizing boys) which the bride will try to catch in her skirt. According to legend, the number of dates and chestnuts caught signifies how many children she will bear. Later in the evening, the couple is supposed to eat the dates and chestnuts that were caught. PRETTY COOL HUH! I’m so glad I was able to witness it!


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Los Angeles Wedding DJ Sam House – Josh and Jamie’s Wedding in Santa Paula

I’m home safe from an AWESOME NIGHT celebrating with Jamie and Josh! From beginning to end the celebration went smooth and everyone had a great time. We partied at the Family Ranch where the barn was transformed into PARTY CENTRAL! We kept the dance floor bumping all night long! Just the way I like it! 🙂


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Los Angeles Wedding DJ Sam House – Jermeana and Josh’s Wedding at Elings Park in Santa Barbara

Jermeana and Josh celebrated their wedding today at Elings Park in Santa Barbara. The guest list included an exclusive list of who’s who in Jermeana and Josh’s lives. It was also a wonderful day to be at the park! The morning started off a little hazy, but soon the clouds cleared, and we had a bright, beautiful afternoon in Santa Barbara. Jermeana and Josh seemed to be extremely cool people and I really enjoyed celebrating with them.


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Los Angeles Wedding DJ Sam House – Derek and Isabelle’s Wedding at Belle Loreve in Santa Paula

Surrounded by natural beauty, we celebrated with Derek and Isabelle as they began their new life together. Our string quartet played through cocktails and then we got into toasts. The most memorable toast I have seen in a while was performed by Isabelle’s Father. Since he only spoke French, his entire speech was an “approximate translation from Google Translate” and he held up subtitles as he gave his speech in French, CLASSIC! After that everyone filled the dancefloor and showed off their moves. All in all, it was a FUN night!


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